Sandy McIntosh


on A Hole In the Ocean: A Hamptons' Apprenticeship


"Deliciously droll. Stars-in-the-eyes young poet meets literary and art world icons in the Hamptons. And re-meets and reconsiders. And admires. And continues to honor and to create his own work."—Laura Wells, The East Hampton Star. (Full review here.)


on Forty-Nine Guaranteed Ways to Escape Death


"Wow! It is an estro dis-armonico. The energy is straight from the astral black holes. Iconoclastic right in-your-face. Velvet gloves of colloquial and elite language covering a skillful dissecting hand. An arsenal of erudite weapons used pitilessly... or so it seems."—Charles Matz


on Cemetery Chess: Selected and New Poems


Sandy McIntosh’s Cemetery Chess: Selected and New Poems is intelligent, funny, well-crafted, and just fun to read. McIntosh’s work has been around in the background for me for quite a while. I knew of it, but I did not know it well; thus, this book comes as a welcome introduction to the scope of his poetic arc. His work is strikingly clear, but with a clarity that comes from a place that throws us off kilter, for it seems that he is looking at daily life with more insightful eyes than ours. The poems are filled with places and people, especially artist and poets--Eileen Tabios gets her own poem! McIntosh’s poems are serious pieces that are not pretentious, just pieces from a sharp mind. —William Allegrezza, Goodreads


In a language harnessed from that halo-haired muse, McIntosh's Cemetery Chess is a monument to the salient and steady progress of an extraordinarily compassionate poet. —Neil de la Flor, Galatea Resurrects


On Endless Staircase


With Endless Staircase, Sandy McIntosh distinguishes himself as a significant new talent. His sardonic, often wild humor is the path into very serious personal, social and quite frequently religious/philosophical concerns. I have been genuinely surprised by a voice I have never before heard in matters of such weight and intensity.—David Ignatow, winner of the Bollingen Prize


On Between Earth and Sky


What a treat. I had to stop myself from reading Between Earth and Sky straight through like a novel so I’d have something saved to look forward to. I don’t like people calling writing ‘gorgeous’ but it really is gorgeous writing. One of the very best things about this collection, for me, is that it’s approachable. So much of it is just wonderfully lyrical and funny and moving. What a crazy/delicious world McIntosh invents.—Lanford Wilson, winner of the Pulitzer Prize


On The After-Death History of My Mother


Sandy McIntosh's entertaining new volume might be mistaken, at first, for a merry romp through personal and literary history conducted by a slightly confused, well-meaning people-pleaser. His confusion begins with his bemused revelation that he has (maybe) two mothers, and continues through various other doublings (dream transformations, reincarnations, literary 'forgeries,' literary mothers both male and female, poems masquerading as prose and vice versa) to a final doubling (double-crossing) that brings with it a 'broade [sic] awaking' to reality.... This is a book of elegies—eulogies, really—to all the literal and literary bastards who have made McIntosh an artist and (maybe) a con. —Laural Blossom, American Book Review


On Ernesta In the Style of the Flamenco


"Ernesta, in the Style of the Flamenco, Sandy McIntosh’s latest volume, bursts with brilliance and sizzles with sass. McIntosh’s new poems are audacious, ravishing, syntactic marvels, clowning-around oddballs. The energy and wit in this book will make you want to whip out your fan, put on your non-skid sole shoes, and dance.”—Denise Duhamel