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"Sandy McIntosh writes like a combination of Dostoevsky and Woody Allen.” -Mary Mackey


Young writers, painters and musicians who attended Southampton College in Long Island's Hamptons around the year 1970 had an opportunity to learn from an exceptional group of artists living in the area, including Willem de Kooning, Ilya Bolotowsky, David Ignatow, H. R. Hays, Harvey Shapiro, Armand Schwerner and many others. The kind of education in the arts that these associations provided, with all their informality and wildness, was a unique and consuming one for those getting their starts before the proliferation of the formal university-centered Master of Fine Arts programs.

"DELICIOUSLY DROLL. Stars-in-the-eyes young poet meets literary and art world icons in the Hamptons. And re-meets and reconsiders. And admires. And continues to honor and to create his own work."—Laura Wells, The East Hampton Star Intelligence, foresight and wit.... There is something here that is at once deep, engaging and profound. —Neil Leadbeater, Galatea Resurrects A Hole In the Ocean A HAMPTONS' APPRENTICESHIP Scenes from a writing life that include practical, down-to-earth life-lessons from poets and artists in the Hamptons. Phillip Lopate: "These irresistibly amusing and engaging recollections of the author's encounters with the great and near-great artists and poets who washed ashore in the Hamptons has a special charm, as our intrepid protagonist plays unofficial chauffeur, therapist, straight-man and witness, always with retrospective self-awareness, insight and bittersweet gratitude." Michael Heller: "Sandy McIntosh’s A Hole In The Ocean bends time as though on a Möbius band, the fiction of the 'actual' running into, over and around the real of the 'imagined'. His sweet affecting memoir of the late 20th century Hamptons art and poetry scene wraps effortlessly into the latter pages in which McIntosh dreams the works of Hemingway, Goethe and a host of other writers. His 'hole' is a mid-ocean maelstrom, both gentle and turbulent, swirling present, past and future in its serio-comic depths." Steve Fellner: "McIntosh triumphs in this non-fiction book. He admirably declares what we should already know about memoir: the best of them erase the self in the name of something more profound. Here that something is an unsentimental kindness for the world of literature." Burt Kimmelman: "The prose poems that comprise the second part of his new book leave us to fumble with our cosmic-joke of an existence. With exquisite aplomb, McIntosh slips the ground out from under us—and we fall through space deliriously. Rumor has it there's a warrant out for his arrest for disturbing the universe. It's too late. I yearn for the world in which my dreams were dreams no matter how insistent." Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan: "This is a wonderful book! It's a close-up focus on a year of Eastern Long Island’s rich writing history. McIntosh brings to life some of those that have left footprints on our shores. We are left to carry on the honorable vocation and attempt to leave, just as enduring, footprints of our own for others to follow." ISBN: 978-0-9906669-9-8 (pbk.) $16.00






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7/10/2016 (for broadcast in November 2016)

Interview with Sandy McIntosh on Donald Trump's military school days.



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Interview with Sandy McIntosh, author of A Hole in the Ocean: A Hamptons’ Apprenticeship

I graduated and started at Southampton College in the Hamptons at the end of Long Island, New York. At that time, it was a remote area and the college found it difficult to attract normally accredited part-time professors for its humanities department. So it hired local artists and writers, whoever was around. For instance, Willem de Kooning... more




6/11/2016 (for broadcast in November 2016)

Interview with Sandy McIntosh on Donald Trump's military school days.



02. Juni 2016

Donald Trump: Das größte Ego Amerikas

Sandy McIntosh: Das Motto an der Militärschule war: "Gewinnen ist nicht alles. Es ist das Einzige." Donald hat sich dort schnell zurechtgefunden. Er war ein Hitzkopf, aber er hat versucht, es nicht zu zeigen. Wir Jungs mochten ihn, trotzdem hatte er nie einen wirklich engen Freund... more



April 17, 2016 (for publication in November 2016)

Interview with Sandy McIntosh on Donald Trump's military school days.



Søndag den 17. april 2016

Gamle venner vender Trump ryggen

»Omstillingen fra militærskolen til et almindeligtliv var hård. Jeg tror ikke, atTrump nogensinde gik igennem den modningsproces.Familiens mange penge betød,at han ikke var nødt til det som os andre.Han flyttede videre til universitetet, hvor han fik sin egen lejlighed og ifølge mine oplysningermest holdt sig for sig selv,« siger McIntosh, der ikke som voksen har haftkontakt med Trump... more




I Showered With Donald Trump at Military School

I have only positive memories of Donald from my school years. Once at military school, when I really needed it, he helped me out of a difficult jam with a brutish barracks commandant who was his role model and whose influence we see in Trump the bullying presidential candidate...more



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Culture of Hazing: Donald Trump, Me, & The End Of New York Military Academy

It’s been more than four decades since I graduated from the bankrupt New York Military Academy, which was just sold after a bidding war to a China-based investor on Wednesday. For six years I’d attended this private boarding school in Cornwall-on-Hudson, some 60 miles north of New York City. I’d been exiled up there by my father, a lawyer and institutional fundraiser, who had abandoned his enthusiasm for Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, an educational scheme directed by spirit voices, and had become convinced by Fred Trump, his business acquaintance, that a military immersion was just what I needed to flush all that spiritual nonsense out of my system...more