Sandy McIntosh


SANDY MCINTOSH was born in Rockville Centre, New York,

and received a BA from Southampton College, an MFA from Columbia University

and a PhD. from the Union Graduate School. After working with children for eight

years as a writer in the schools of Long Island’s East End, Nassau County and in

Brooklyn, he completed a study of writers who taught in the program

and how their work with children affected their own writing. The study,

The Poets in the Poets-in-the Schools was published by the University of Minnesota.

For fifteen years he taught creative writing at Long Island University and Hofstra

University while publishing nonfiction works, such as Firing Back (John Wiley & Sons),

and computer software, such as Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing! (Electronic Arts,).

He has contributed journalism, poetry, and opinion columns to The New York Times,

Newsday, The Nation,  The Wall Street Journal, The Long Island Press, American Book

Review, and elsewhere. He was also editor and publisher of Wok Talk, a Chinese

cooking bi-monthly and the author and editor of several Chinese cook books and

one of the first cooking software computer programs.


His first collection of poetry, Earth Works, was published by Southampton College

in 1970, the year he graduated. He has since published seven poetry collections:

Which Way to the Egress? (1974), Endless Staircase (1994), Between Earth and Sky

(2002), The After-Death History of My Mother (2005), Forty-Nine Guaranteed

Ways to Escape Death (2007), Ernesta, in the Style of the Flamenco (2010) and

Cemetery Chess: Selected and New Poems, In 2012 he published a collaboration

with the poet Denise Duhamel: 237 More Reasons to Have Sex (2009).


His original poetry in a screenplay won the Silver Medal in the Film Festival

of the Americas. Recently, The New York Times’ web edition published his poem

“Cemetery Chess,” and an excerpt of his collaboration with Denise Duhamel

appears in The Best American Poetry.


He was Managing Editor of Long Island University’s national literary journal,

Confrontation. For more than a decade he was a host of Riverhead Cablevision’s

TV series, “Ideas and Issues.” He is currently publisher of Marsh Hawk Press.